Menzel Violins is a full service repair and restoration shop.  We recommend repairs consistent with the instrument value.


Menzel Violins respects the integrity of each instrument and is dedicated to ethical procedures. Unethical procedures are those which are irreversible such as graduating (thinning) an instrument’s plates, or re-varnishing old instruments. We believe in leaving as light a “footprint” as possible so that the maker’s origional conception is not obscured.

Our wide range of restorative work encompasses the basic to the complex. We will discuss your repair options with you until you feel comfortable.

Customers who purchase their instruments from us are our first priority in repairs but we can turn most repairs in less than a week.

At Menzel Violins you will find complete competence, timeliness, empathy, sound advice and a pretty wit ready to deflate the foibles of the violin trade.