A Violin by Johann Ulrich Eberle

Prague, 1750

A precious baroque jewel with the voice of antiquity: warm, smooth, round and clear. Its slightly compact length (13 ¾ inches) makes it an ideal choice for a player with a smaller hand.

Johann Eberle worked on a personal model blending elements of the Stainer and Cremona patterns with great attention to sculptural detail.

Upright, beautifully rounded f-holes and a handsome scroll, notably well-wrought. Eberle was always scrupulous in his choice of fine highly flamed wood. His rich oil varnish retains its luster to this day. Here the deep brown varnish applied on a golden ground is typical of Venetian varnish work

An expertly inlaid soundpost patch to the back by Lyon & Healy is the only repair. It is in otherwise pristine condition.

A superb, characteristic violin making a strong appeal to both player and collector.

Price: $10,000
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