A Highly Collectible Violin by Stanislai Morara

Bologna, 1890

This splendid instrument features a stunning two-piece back cut on the slab. One must marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship employed in the expertly matched halves culminating in an unusual “bulls eye” in the middle. The wonderfully poised f-holes are reminiscent of Goffriller. The varnish is a warm and transparent golden-amber color

The tone is warm, mellow, shimmering and clear across all registers. This is a harmonious and characteristic example from this maker. Stanislai Morara is the Father of Paul Morara.

This violin is in an excellent state of preservation. It has just one professionally repaired split in the lower right quadrant, not a saddle or soundpost split.

Bolognese violins are considered to be amongst the most collectible of the modern Italians, wedding visual beauty with a noble tone.

Price: $25,000
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