A Beautiful Strad Replica by Karl Wurm

Erlangen, Germany, 1980

This is a contemporary violin with a lyrical bright voice built on a Golden Period Strad model. The transparent orange-red varnish is antiqued in the best Markneukirchen style. Markneukirchen in East Germany has been home to many of the great workshops including Ernst Heinrich Roth, Heberlein and Pfretzschner. A tradition of meticulous workmanship based on the best Italian models developed in these workshops. After World War II many of the Markneukirchen makers relocated to Erlangen in Bavaria.

In perfect condition this violin would sell for seven thousand dollars. An expertly inlaid soundpost patch to the back reduces its price to $2500. The damage is virtually invisible both outside and inside. This is a rare opportunity to acquire an example of the best of modern German violinmaking.

Label: Karl Wurm Geigenbauer Erlangen 1980

Price: $2,500
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